The total cost to implement an OSCAR EMR solution has four main components: Infrastructure, Implementation, Data Conversion and Support.




The typical clinic will deploy two redundant OSCAR servers in the office and, optionally, a third server at an offsite location for automated offsite backup. Additional items will include computers, a network, scanners and an internet interface for laboratory results. Additional infrastructure such as wiring may also be required depending what you may already have in place.



Implementation costs cover the workflow analysis and redesign, software configuration, e-forms and training. It can also include go-live support and project management activities.


Data Conversion.

Most established clinics move their demographic information into OSCAR. Some clinics will additionally move their billing histories, their appointments and schedule histories, and/or their electronic patient charts. The cost will depend on the extent of the data conversion.



You will need an annual support contract to ensure that your practice continues to run smoothly. This support is just as critically important as having a robust server backup strategy. You should ensure that your annual support includes telephone and email support, annual software updates and 24/7 emergency coverage. We offer three levels of support depending on the needs of the clinic.

Implementation Approach
EMR Adoption Funding
Open source software solutions provide the healthcare community with the minimal cost for the acquisition and support yet meet their needs for care delivery.
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