Open Health Software Solutions provides a complete range of services: software selection, readiness assessment, implementation and support services.



Software Selection.

Which open source software to select? We can show you in a short demonstration what we believe to be the best EMR solution in Canada today.


Readiness Assessment.

Are you ready today to implement an EMR. The EMR Adoption Program has a quick overview but we provide a more in-depth analysis of your business and provide you with an EMR proposal for success.


Implementation Services.

We assist you with the implementation suport needed for success. We can also take full responsability and provide the necessary leadership.


Support Services.

We provide ongoing support services. We offer three levels of support bronze, silver and gold to match your business needs.


Implementation Approach
EMR Adoption Funding
Open source software solutions provide the healthcare community with the minimal cost for the acquisition and support yet meet their needs for care delivery.
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